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Let positivID Bureau take the strain!

You do not necessarily need to buy a dye-sublimation card printer to achieve professional looking PVC Identity cards – positivID Identity Systems Bureau service can do the printing for you and despatch your badges by return!


Traditional Way:

You send us each application and passport photo
(blank ID Card application form available here):

  • We enter data & print the card.
  • We retain the data on our database for instant reprints, reissues, etc.
  • Photos and application forms are returned to you with your cards.


You pre-prepare the pictures and text data and send it to us electronically:

  • Email
    • Upload pictures directly to our server (upload here).
    • Photos and application forms are returned to you with your cards.
  • Data in spreadsheet/text format.
  • We print the card and save the data for reprints, reissues, etc.


Capture your own data and maintain it with positivID Workstation software, sending encrypted print batches via email to our Bureau for instant processing.

  • You control and update your own data.
  • Easily and securely transmitted to our Bureau.
  • Remote data entry means the fastest possible turnaround at the Bureau.
  • Paper temporary cards can be printed at the workstation while the PVC cards are being produced.
  • positivID Workstation has all the features and power of positivID Professional at a fraction of the cost.
  • All transmitted data is encrypted and protected with the hardware key.
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