1 x ‘THE BOSS’ Comedy Black ID Neck Strap Lanyard! FREE UK Postage!


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1 x ‘THE BOSS!’ Safety Lanyard

with Dog Clip

Free UK Postage!

These fun lanyards are a new additional to our range & are very popular. Stand out from the crowd and make your colleagues laugh – just the thing to brighten up a long day at work!!

This lanyard is a professional and convenient way of wearing your identity badge. It is a strong black material strap, which is soft to wear against your neck & is pre-printed with ‘THE BOSS’ in black text. The dog clip attaches the strap securely to the card holder.

These lanyards feature a safety breakaway device. If the strap is pulled sharply it will come away, avoiding the previous dangers associated with neck chains or straps. This does not damage the lanyard and it can easily be reattached afterwards.


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