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Privacy Policy

The security of your information is our top priority. Our data is stored in a password protected, secure database.  Your information is confidential – it is only being shared with our staff members who take part in producing and completing your order.  It will NOT be sold or distributed to any third party at any time.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act.

The only information that we store is the information our clients use to produce id badges: contact info- name, company name, telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc, as well as photo images, logos, and graphic elements uploaded by our customers. This information is only accessible by the system administrator and our printer operators.

We do not store credit card information at any time.

Return Policy

We do not accept any returns due to custom nature of our product.  Therefore, all sales are final.  We will replace any cards, lanyards or card holders that are faulty.

positivID Identity Systems Ltd is not responsible for the content of your id badge, but we will not produce badges that appear to be a form of fake ids or are fraudulent.  We reserve the right not to print any cards that are;

  • Defamatory, offensive, indecent or of an obscene or menacing character; or Passing off as another party.
  • Likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any person.
  • Likely to breach any copyright or confidentiality or privacy or other intellectual property of any person.
  • Fraudulent or connected in any way with the committal or possible committal of a criminal offence.
  • Material of a racial or sexually discriminatory nature.
  • In breach of these terms and conditions of use.

We occasionally undertake spot checks of details to ensure the cards are going to the correct, legitimate companies.

There is a £1.00 admin charge for refunds on any cards that appear to be fraudulent, or that we cannot print for any of the above reasons.

We require authorization to produce Military, Police, Hospital or Government type IDs, or badges that display any Military, Police, Hospital or Government graphics or seals.

We are not responsible for any mistakes or misspellings.   It is customer’s responsibility to check all information displayed on the card before placing order.

To make sure your card has the best quality always upload high resolution digital pictures (at least 300dpi, 2MB size) taken on white or light color backgrounds and high resolution digital logos.

Most of our cards are printed and shipped in 24h therefore we will not process any requests for changes after the card has been printed.  Please make sure to double check your chosen design and all card’s contents before placing your order.

Your order can not be cancelled once the card has been printed.


You shall indemnify and hold us harmless from all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses in connection with any claim by any third party with respect to any alleged or actual infringement of Copyright, Trademark, Service Mark, Collective Mark or any other proprietary rights or any false or misleading statements or breach of advertising standards resulting from the use of this service by You. This clause shall survive termination of this agreement for any reason whatsoever.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Please note: Colours shown on the computer or printed from your printer may not be an accurate representation of the final printed colour. The colour of final product may vary because of the heat used to make cards, brightness of substrates and variation in printing process.

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